Any person, persons  or association of persons who shall deal in selling service, goods, wares, or merchandise of any kind in any way in the City of Oregon is hereby declared to be a merchant and shall purchase an annual merchant license at City Hall on the 1st Day of November for a fee of $5.00.

City dog tags are due each year by August 1st.  Proof of rabies vaccination is required.  Tags can be purchased for $5.00 at City Hall.


2020 Census

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The City of Oregon provides water and sewer services to residents of Oregon and provides water service to citizens in Forest City.  Bills are mailed on the last day of the month and are due the following month by the 15th.  A $5 penatly is added if the bill is paid after the 15th.  Failure to pay by the 25th results in disconnection of service.  There is a $30 reconnection fee to restore service. 


Completion of a water service agreement is required prior to providing service.  Notification must be made when shutting off service also.

Deposit required-Residential/Commercial: $150 for Renter